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The Steenhouwersvest gained a new hotspot. Owners Roger Elsten and Matthijs Vos are bringing in a new generation man store in Antwerp in coöperation with HUTCH.

The Steenhouwersvest is developing in a high pase to become one of the most leading shopping districts in Antwerp. Now ordinary shops, but authentic stores are presenting their collections in this neighborhood. Being original and creative are priorities and like at HUTCH it all depends on style and quality.

Architect Tim Derhaag chose for an interior that really catches the eye. The original brick wall of the place stayed intact so it can be used as an alternative for the display. This way, HUTCH's collection is and always will be the real eye catcher.

The new man is no longer looking for one particular brand, but for the right look that matches their style. Roger and Matthijs are making it easy for the costumers to choose between a variation of different brands.

Their own brand 'The Suits' can make for every gentleman & heavy rockstar young suits, fit and hand made in Italy. The vintage parka's from BARBED will completely finish the look. The shirts of '100 hands' are also originally from Italy. The name says it all: every shirt was designed by 100 hands who worked hard on it. The amazing sneakers from MERCER, settled in Amsterdam, will give you that extra touch for your outfit.

A must-have this season is the ultimate Chelsea boat. The BASS' loafers are also a real eye catcher. They are being worn by for example John F. Kennedy and Alain Delon. Now they can't be missed amongst the youger generation of men that have taste.

The 70's inspired sneakers, designed by Atlantic Stars are combined with NEUW denim's ultimate skinny jeans. These luxury basics are finished with knitwear designed by Re-Edition and Soho de Luxe.