The Kube guides brands in telling their story by creating a network made of individual online blogger platforms. We create tailor made campaigns and connect the right blogger to the brand.  

This collaboration can be off and online, via the social media platforms, the ambassadors blogs or through their presence at events.  


Inge Moerenhout   Bloggers


Joya Kenens   Bloggers


Juste Tara   Bloggers


Elke Sockeel   Bloggers


Elfi De Bruyn - Glam At Heart   Bloggers


Erika Van Tielen   Bloggers


M word   Bloggers


An-Katrien Casselman - Teacups And Dresses   Bloggers


Stéphanie Smolders & Peter Beukering - Tourist Exclusive   Bloggers


Valerie Brems   Bloggers


Maria-Laura De Loore   Bloggers


Charlotte Evereart - Alice Roxy   Bloggers


Ruth Umba Bueya - Cyberrghetto   Bloggers


Cindy van Dijck   Bloggers


Julie Vanlommel - Bible of Fashion   Bloggers


Droika Engelen   Bloggers


Christine Smeyers   Bloggers


Elke Willemen   Bloggers


Lisa-Sophie De Bonnet   Bloggers


Lindsay Lé-auong - Minouderie   Bloggers


Michelle Mol   Bloggers


Eline Van Dingenen   Bloggers


Griet Vanhees   Bloggers


Tom Duhoux en Annelien Boens - Ecolifestyle   Bloggers


Elke Vergauwen   Bloggers


Laure Assany   Bloggers


Niel van Herck - Tjoolaard   Bloggers


Yana Gaevskaya   Bloggers


Sofie De Leersnijder & Femke van Rijt - Travellabel   Bloggers


Anouk Lannoo - Anouk meets Fashion   Bloggers


Charlotte Vanaken   Bloggers


Annelies Hellem - The Fashion Loonatic   Bloggers


Sofie Rome   Bloggers