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The current corona crisis has undoubtedly caused a shift in the marketing landscape and is the perfect digital training. Now is the time to look in the mirror, understand what the (new) consumer wants and develop a powerful strategy. Because your online presence is becoming more and more important. But think this through before you start! We advise you to take your time to build a human brand identity through future-proof strategies and qualitative partnerships.


The Kube is a full service agency in the area surrounding Antwerp. We take your business or vision to the next level. We offer multiple services to build your brand: marketing strategy, public relations, social media and online advertising, influencer marketing and events. As an expert in influencer marketing, we open the (digital) door to your target group. Do you want to reach new customers in an affordable way? Do you need knowledge and help to bring your business online?

We offer a unique service to support your business in style. Our influencer marketing packages are tailor-made for your business. In collaboration with our unique database of professional influencers we not only generate online reach on various channels, but also engaging content. Content that will resonate with your target audience through real brand lovers.

Inspiring content is essential to generate more awareness, visibility and impact online. Our influencers are authentic, creative and strong in photography, flying, blogging and more. They know their market and can be collaborated with for campaigns related to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, motherhood, cooking, sustainability, ...

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  1. We offer various packages tailor-made for your company. This way we can offer an affordable answer to your needs and prepare your brand for the future together.
  2. You don't have to look for influencers yourself. After all, we introduce you to our reliable database of professional influencers.
  3. Our influencers create and publish relevant and creative content for your business, free of charge. This will only strengthen your online presence.
  4. We guide and assist the entire process: from strategy and selection to follow-up, reporting and analysis.


Number of influencers: 3 influencers (2,000-6,000 followers)
Number of posts per influencer: 2 posts+stories
Package price: €900*

Number of influencers: 4 influencers (2,000-10,000 followers)
Number of posts per influencer: 2 posts+stories
Package price: €1,700*

Number of influencers: 3 brand ambassadors (+10,000 followers)
Number of posts per influencer: 3 posts+stories
Package price: €2800*

* Prices excluding VAT

Are you thinlking "I want to reach my target group! I want to be part of The Kube Klub"? Send an e-mail to and we'll plan a meeting on Zoom. During this free consultancy, we will listen to your story and see how we can deal with this crisis together in a creative way. Get inspired by our professional advice and practical help. Make your business ready for the future.

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