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Hedgren has a clear mission, designing essential bags and travel items with an intuitive design and smart functionalities that help you with everyday adventures, without compromising your personality or freedom to move. Hedgren is the brand, Hedgrenism is their culture. They are down-to-earth, energetic and inclusive.

Our KPI’s:

  • Strategic consultancy and a brand building analysis
  • Developing an online media strategy with the aim of generating traffic to the webshop via social media, online advertising and content marketing
  • Telling the brand story on social media, aligned with their philosophy
  • A strategic influencer marketing strategy for online support, including influencer selection, coordination and follow-up
  • Create multi-purpose photo and video content that delivers on the brand promise, in collaboration with relevant influencers that align with the brand values
  • Organize a press event to celebrate the rebranding