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Wijnen Moniez

At the fifty-year-old family business, Wijnen Moniez, everyone has their own specialty, which means they can offer a wide range and respond to the latest trends in the wine world. You can go to these wine merchants and specialists for delicious world wines, inviting monthly subscriptions and packages with their own character.

Our KPI’s:

  • Rebrand Moniez wines for their trendy target group, who not only like to drink wine but also like to gain knowledge about their favorite product
  • Build, optimize and provide copywriting for a new website and shop
  • Devise a tailor-made approach and roll out the social media strategy
  • Coronaproof organize online wine tastings for key journalists and influencers, to introduce the participants to the brand and some exclusive wines
  • Pitch press appearances, by drafting, sending and following up press releases
  • Provide training in social media and email marketing