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Magic Maker

Pre-order: available May 2022.
Author: Elfi De Bruyn

28,88 incl. tax

Magic Maker

Turn your wishes into reality. Make your life a magical masterpiece.

In Magic Maker, Elfi De Bruyn encourages you to get started with your most beautiful colors and darkest sides. She gives practical tips to unblock your unique creativity, manifest the life you dream of and find magic in every moment. With this book, Elfi shows that life can be a playful search for yourself.

Elfi De Bruyn (1985), is an author, playful artist and creative mentor. She is also an online content creator, appreciated for her down-to-earth mix of magic, optimism and daring to let go of perfection. She would rather take the risk of coloring outside the lines than being left behind as a blank canvas. With Elfi we learn to be kind to ourselves, and to the world that surrounds us.

With more than 55 exercises for (even) more awareness and magic in your life!