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Workshop box: raw materials for 5 Shampoo bars

Anne Drake workshop box to make no less than 5 shampoo bars at your own pace via the enclosed instructions and video.

44,95 incl. tax

Workshop box: raw materials for 5 Shampoo bars

Take a workshop with me in the comfort of your own home! No more trips or times that don’t suit you. Follow the enclosed instructions and the video at your own pace. In this box you will find the raw materials you need to make no less than 5 shampoo bars. Wonderful to spoil yourself and to give away as a gift. After your order you will receive the instruction video by e-mail so that this project will be a success.

What’s in the workshop box:

  • the written instructions, you will automatically receive the video by email.
  • 250 grams sodium cocoyl isethionate SCI,
  • 200 ml hydrolate rose ORGANIC,
  • 100 ml broccoli seed oil ORGANIC,
  • 30 ml rice protein,
  • 5 ml rosemary essential oil (this is for all hair types) other essential oils can be obtained separately.

If you use up the shampoo bar within three months and always keep it dry after use, you don’t need a preservative. Otherwise I do recommend it.

What else do you need that is not in the box: a digital precision scale, jars to weigh the ingredients, a bowl to mix everything in, something to stir (a glass stirrer is ideal) and possibly a silicone mold but that is not really necessary. There is also a complete DIY cosmetics kit.

IMPORTANT: The video link is in your first confirmation email. (Some look at this :-))